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What famous people have you drawn?

Well a few of them are so famous we are supposed to be sworn to secrecy! But between us we have drawn, at parties (not from photos);

Hugh Grant, Chris Evans, Sue Lawley (showing my age now!), David Furnish, Lorraine Chase, Jim Davidson, Jeremy Clarkson, The Marquis of Bath (apparently it is hung alongside the rest of the great portraits at Longleat!), Tony Blair, Willy Rushton, Gerald Scarf, Rolf Harris, Phil Tuffnell, The Hamiltons, The cheeky Girls (we really mix in high places!), JK Rowling and her daughter, Harry Potter’s ginger friend and Hermoine, Anton Mossimon, Marco Pierre White, “Baby Bird” (a 90’s EMI one hit wonder with ‘You are gorgeous.’) Most of the Jordanian Royal family, Kaddy LeePreston (weather girl) oh, and Her Majesty The Queen! (i’m sure there are more but those are the ones I can remember while I write this.)

Caricatures which have been commissioned for famous people include: 2 ceramic plates for Joan Collins, a plate for Jon Madejski, a Group cartoon of the crew (inc Johnny Depp) for Sweeny Todd, a thankyou card for Peter O’Toole, Kian from Westlife and his girlfriend.

How many people can you draw in an hour?

This depends on how the event pans out. Usually, if we can draw without interruptions such as speeches or award giving, then we say approx 15 people per hour, each. This is a ball park figure and really does depend on what else is going on. If people are queuing up for their caricature we can get a few more done, but when we are walking around tables it can be slightly slower. We try to get as accurate and comical picture drawn so we don’t like to jeapordise quality for quantity although we like to pride ourselves as two of the fastest on the circuit.

How far do we travel?

Anywhere! We have been across the globe caricaturing as far flung places as Dubai, Jordon, Antigua, New York, San Francisco, all over Europe, The Channel Islands...even Birmingham, Harrogate, Carlisle and Edinburgh to name a few. Generally we are based in London but we are more than happy to go anywhere.

Do you mind Dressing Up?

No we don’t mind. A quick glance at the web site should prove we love dressing up. I was a bit taken aback one time however, when working at the film premiere for Superbad, they showed me my outfit. It was nothing more than a dark blue leotard with police badge accessories and a police cap. Luckily I only had to hold my stomach in for an hour!

Do you make many friends?

Well, I usually say for about 3 minutes people like us!

Do you see everyone in caricature?

Yes, that’s why we had to marry each other. Every partner we had, we went off as soon as we drew them. (Or maybe they went off us...)

Has anyone got really offended?

In general we try to make the caricatures as entertaining as possible. We’re not out to upset anyone, just make their friends laugh at their expense. It’s not our fault people have funny faces!


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London caricatures, London Cartoonist, Illustrator, London Caricaturist, UK caricatures

Simon Cassini is the artist formerly known as Simon Barber