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The Bitter and Twisted Speciality!

A caricaturist at your event has become classic party entertainment. Working onto A4 card in black and white with grey half tones - no-one has to pose - we circulate round the crowds at your reception or across the tables during dinner producing a finished caricature in 3 or 4 minutes! Always a huge hit this has been our staple for years. We are happy to dress up to suit the theme and can pre-print the paper with a company logo or a personalised caption.


But being Bitter & Twisted we certainly don't stop there. We are the only people in the country (or anywhere else as far as we know) to produce the massively popular caricature badges, magnets and pocket mirrors. We've also recently added jumbo badges, keyrings, coasters and bookmarks to the repertoire. No-one else is doing anything remotely like this so if you want something unique you've come to the right place!

Or, check out the group caricatures - up to 100 people on one big sheet of artboard. Again, you won't find anyone else to do this for such large numbers of guests

And if you're really into cartoons we'll even do the invitations, signing in boards, or table centres.

"Have you ever done anyone famous?"

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