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Corporate brainstorming days can be long and arduous.

Whether you're testing out new product ideas, working out new business structures. or just working with your staff to produce better results or improve the company structure and ethics, it's impossible to absorb it all in in one go.

That's where we come in.

We pick up and illustrate the main points as they arise during the day in an instinctive and humorous way, always trying to catch the essence of the subject under discussion.
At the end of the day we have created a visual diary of what has been discussed which massively simplifies the task of remembering the key points.

It's light hearted and, to be honest, often just plain silly but years of positive feedback in this field has shown how effective as an aide de memoire it can be.

It has to be said too, we may miss the odd thing - some ideas lend themselves more to visual interpretation than others - but certainly we get to the meat of the subject and provide a far more effective record than words on a flip chart ever can.
(And of course confidentiality is assured)

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London Caricaturist, UK caricatures, London caricatures, London Cartoonist - UK Illustrator
London caricatures, London Cartoonist, Illustrator, London Caricaturist, UK caricatures

Simon Cassini is the artist formerly known as Simon Barber